Your Summer Stock's Checklist

The last day before the long-awaited season! The 3 most anticipated, but such short months have long been planned for everyone - there are many outdoor parties ahead, vacations on the sea coast, friends' weddings, picnics, etc.
What about your summer stock? It is probably filled with colorful dresses, and rightly so, because we know that floral prints are an essential attribute of a summer wardrobe. But we want to pay attention to some details that can be undeservedly forgotten when compiling your summer stock.

1.Oversize shirt

Oversize shirt can be worn year-round, they are particularly useful during cooler summer evenings or when layered over summer dresses. Offer different washes and styles to cater to different tastes.

2.Black color

Although typically worn more in the wintery months, black has surprisingly been one of the most distinguished colors for Spring/Summer 2023 collections. Break the stereotype that black is boring! Black will always stand the test of time.

 3.Maxi dresses

Obviously, the spring-summer 2023 collections have given prominence to maxi dresses. The trends in maxi dresses point, among other things, to bright colours,  delicate details and the sensuality of an enhanced silhouette. All characteristics that we can take as inspiration for choosing our dresses for this season.





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