What to Sell this summer? Summer trends recommendations

Summer is always a long-awaited time of the year. This is a time of joy, warmth and bright colors. People really want bright colors and shades in clothing.

The summer of 2021 has officially begun and now it is the time to think about how to make your summer collection trendy.

Pandemic is over now! People missed shopping a lot! Offer the best summer and trendy styles in your boutique.

Check our Spring-Summer 2021 collection.

Many people got used to wear comfy clothing (loungewear). We are happy to let you know that JQ Wholesale bestselling Loungewear Summer set is BACK IN STOCK now in 3 colours. Hurry up! Till it runs out of stock again!

Oversize Summer Set with shorts Khaki Loungewear summer set Black summer loungewear set

However, summer is an occasion to change the usual stereotypes ! In addition, the pandemic will soon end and therefore the stores should be fully armed.

So now we will look at the most important and trendy products that should be in your store.


 One shoulder summer wrap dress Blue summer dress with belt Hot pink wrap summer dress Black midi dress

The best fabric for a summer dress is natural fabric. One shoulder Summer dress made of Cotton. Summer is a bright period, so we recommend choosing colourful shades, but classic colors are also welcome.


Tops and T-shirts are must-haves of any season ! In summer, you should choose original models with ornaments or with original sleeves. Like our T-shirt with Ruffle sleeves (available in 7 colours).

Wholesale green T-shirt Hot Pink Summer T-shirt White T-shirt Wholesale T-shirts

They are easy to combine with any jeans, shorts or skirt. Ideal for walks, trips to the countryside or trips to a cafe or restaurant.


Red Summer Maxi Kaftan Green Maxi Kaftan Yellow Maxi Kaftan White Maxi dress

An indispensable thing for a beach holiday. It helps to make the fashion more trendy and attractive. Perfect for a city holiday in combination with shorts, and for a country holiday.


Wholesale loungewear Khaki Loungewear set Navy loungewear set wholesale

The pandemic has not passed without a trace and many buyers still prefer a relaxed style in clothing. In this case, you can offer them comfortable sets of tops and shorts that are perfect for all occasions. They can also be used separately


 White Skinny Jeans Yellow jeans Pink Skinny jeans


This is a mandatory component of the summer wardrobe. Choose jeans in light or bright shades. Easy to combine with any blouse, top, shirt or sweatshirt. Choose stretchy fabric- it will provide perfect fitting.


Wholesale bags wholesale summer bag

A bright bag is something that helps to complement the style or make it more complete.

These are JQ Wholesale summer recommendations for you and your beautiful stores!

Follow our New arrivals and offer the best styles to your customers!

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