What to sell in March?

Time is a strange thing - it feels like yesterday we gathered around table to celebrate Christmas and now as mid-February is already on the calendar and it is time to think about the spring collection.

Let's explore the must-haves of March - after all, this is a rather capricious month, which is essentially spring, but with a slight winter color. Check the styles that will be relevant for March wholesale  purchases.



If in winter we are cautious with the choice of dresses, preferring to have more closed options with long sleeves or maxi lengths in the collection, then spring now gives us a chance to diversify our choice in favor of mini or midi bright and floral prints.




Simply versatile element of your collection ! Experiment with bold prints like leopard and vibrant spring colors or choose classic print.




We are tired of warm clothes, you say. But the changeable March weather does not allow us to relax, so it is important to have a warmer option in the wardrobe. And cardigans are just the most comfortable option. Easy to pair with a long sleeve, dress or other outfit for a layered look. It is also a great alternative to a jacket or coat: in this case, it should be worn over a sweater, pullover or jumper






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