What to sell in Lockdown? Loungewear as a Bestseller of 2020 year!

Here we go again! Lockdown on many countries had started again. People cannot go outside of their houses without a valid reason such as grocery/ market shopping and so on. This situation that the world is facing now has radically changed everyday habits of many people. Half of the world has began to work from home, this is now became the new normal and people began to consume and invest on different products, compared to non corona times. Many of them changed their furnitures, decorated their homes with indoor and outdoor plants, many learned how to cook an A+ meal.

But most importantly, loungewear sales increased more then it has ever been! We as JQ Wholesale can easily say that our loungewear sales increased drastically in this period of time. Our sweatshirt and co ord loungewear styles in this case had become the best sellers for many weeks in row!!

Sell Online, Offer to your Customers the Best Loungewear Styles!

Loungewear Sweatshirt

*Every style is coming in a pack of 3 pieces only. Try it, and you will see the Feedback!

Since our main clothing category is loungewear in this era, why not make it chic, sexy and elegant even at home, sitting by yourself, spoil yourself with clothes that makes you fell good and very comfy at the same time.

Star print Loungewear Co Ord Set in Grey Star print Loungewear Co Ord Set in Black

Buying cotton based products are also very important in Loungewear shopping because it is healthier and make you feel comfortable all day.

Cotton is known as hypoallergical and does not irritate your skin as synthetic fabrics would it is way easier to wash and care.

Oversized Sweatshirt with print

* Available in 4 colours: Red, Grey, Black, Blue. Coming in a pack of 3 pieces only. Try it, and you will see the Feedback!

We are, as JQ WHOLESALE team, doing our best to present you fashionable and comfy/ cozy clothing and wish you good health.

If you have any questions please contact us through: info@jenerique.com

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