What To Sell In September?

September? Already? 3 months of summer have flown by and already cold evenings do not allow you to walk around in a mini dress without a jacket. People are divided into two camps in September: those who still have not given up hope to bask in the sun in summer outfits and those who already want to put on a warm sweatshirt as soon as possible and with pleasure make up in their heads multi-layered autumn outfits. To make your shopping easier, we've put together a list of outfits that will be relevant in September 2023!
1.In September, you can start incorporating more fall colors into your wardrobe, such as earthy tones like olive, rust, and mustard. However, you can still mix in some bright colors from summer if you prefer.


2. You can still wear dresses and skirts in September, so midi and maxi dresses can be great choices.


3. September often marks the transition from summer to fall, so it's a good idea to wear light layers that you can easily add or remove as the temperature fluctuates throughout the day. Consider wearing a T-shirt or blouse with a cardigan, denim jacket, or lightweight sweater.





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