5 tips for a winter wedding outfit

Winter is not the most popular season for weddings and,to be honest,the choice of outfit is not quite simple. A win-win summer option-a dress with a floral print and open shoes will definitely not work here, because there are many nuances that are important to consider,for example,the weather. We will help you figure it out and show you the details that will help you get in stock worthy styles for your customers.

 1."Winter is Long Sleeve Dress Time"

This is the first thought that comes to mind when thinking about an outfit for a winter wedding. Of course, the most frequent and sought-after option is a long maxi dress with long sleeves, however, we all understand that winter weddings are mostly indoors and therefore there is no need to overdoze your outfit with clothes for the cold - pay attention to midi and mini dresses as well.       

 2. Sequins

Since winter weddings fall into a series of preparations for the Christmas and New Year holidays,it would be appropriate to add glitter sequins to your look. They will not leave anyone indifferent!


 3.More color!

Undoubtedly relevant winter colors are winter noble and deep colors,for example burgundy and emerald.These rich hues always look amazing,while the cool tones of gray and navy are also great for a winter wedding.


 4. Dress is not required!

Who said that the wedding outfit is just a dress? Don't forget about jumpsuits! This element of the wardrobe will keep you warm and will also provide excellent comfort and freedom of movement. A prerequisite is a bright print and a combination with accent accessories.


 5. So what about additional details?

Don't forget to add accessories to complete winter wedding ensemble. As for the bag, opt for a clutch or small shoulder bag.






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