Swing into summer with these summer styles essentials.

Congratulations! It's an Official start of the summer season, and most people have been waiting for this wonderful time of the year for a long time.  It is understandable: for everyone, summer is associated with cozy outfits on warm evenings walks until the morning and relaxing by the sea.  We will tell you about what things should be in your store in order to satisfy the needs of your customers.



 Is it possible to imagine a vacation at sea without this wardrobe detail?  Bright colours will help you stay in the spotlight, and a loose fit will hide imperfections. If they are, of course :)

 Maxi Kaftan Wrap Maxi Dress Pink Blue Maxi Tunic Oversize black tunic Maxi Wrap dress Maxi Wrap Kaftan

 Sleeveless dress

 Your lifesaver during hot days.  Ideal for going to cafes for brunch. Be sure, your customers will stay cool and comfy all day long.

Wrap Midi dress Sleeveless Midi dress  Pink Mini Dress Leopard strapless dress

 Wrap jumpsuits 

 Yes, yes, the main trend of this season. A unique thing that can be styled both in a sporty style and in a classic one.  We have 5 colour options : offer them to your customers .They will love it !

 Wrap Jumpsuit Black Jumpsuit Beige Jumpsuit Blue Wrap Jumpsuit


 Mini or midi - it all depends on the taste of the person.  Pay attention to floral prints, this season is the peak of their popularity.


Check All Summer Styles option for your store here


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