Summer Wedding Guest Outfits

Wedding season has officially arrived, which means it's time to get ready to celebrate! Preparation involves choosing an outfit and it is important to remember 3 rules - the outfit must match the dress code, never upstage the bride, and make you feel better. Comfort comes first. When the sun is shining, and the temperatures are soaring, you don't want to be stuck in an outfit that's making you hot and bothered. Remember, you're there to enjoy the event, not to fiddle with uncomfortable clothing. From chic ball gowns to cute floral dresses, there are endless dresses to wear to a wedding and our selection will inspire you.


First, guests must adhere to any dress code rules that the bride and groom determine. For example, if the dress code is white tie, black tie or formal, you need to be a little more fancy. Think of a floor-length dress, a high-waisted cocktail dress, or a classic jumpsuit. If the couple prefers a cocktail outfit, then midi dresses and wrap dresses are perfect. Choosing an outfit for a wedding that will be held in the garden, on the beach, or just outdoors presents you with a huge choice - this is the most informal dress code that can be at any event!


Summer weddings offer a ton of possibilities when it comes to what color of dress the guests can wear. Bright summery hues, soft pastel tones, everything fits perfectly, but avoid deep jewel tones that tend to be better for fall or winter weddings. There is one color that should be avoided in any season. White dresses should be for brides only, unless the couple specifically requests that guests wear a white dress code. So skip shades like champagne, ivory, pale pink, and nude. Red is another color you might want to avoid, but it really depends on the couple. Some people think that this is such an attractive shade that it can draw attention away from the bride. At the same time, plenty of couples are fine with guests wearing red, so just make sure to clear it with them first.





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