Recommendations for Wholesale shopping during the Summer Seasonal Sale

July has come!  A hot period for Wholesale Seasonal Sales! Many customers are lost in a huge variety of choices: they purchase a product with a  low price and as a result can not sell it because of a bad quality, hasty choice and lack of analysis of what the client still prefers.

JQ Wholesale will orient you and give recommendations on what you should pay attention to during the Summer Sales!

1. Basic Casual clothing

Jeans, ShirtsT-shirts - everything that accompanies us every day.

We do not mean clothes only in black or white colours. The base can be bright. The main thing is that it is as compatible as possible with the main components of the wardrobe. Avoid too original trends, because the season will pass and in the future the thing will not be relevant.

Wholesale White Jeans Black Wholesale T-shirt WHolesale Playsuits Wholesale Loungewear

2. Products made of natural fabric.

This is a classic that will never let anyone down and will always be relevant. Moreover, more and more  people prefer products made of natural fabrics.

Wholesale Summer Dresses Wholesale Loungewear 

3.Summer clothes

 Yes, summer is in full swing but  many people have not been to warm resorts yet ! Buy summer clothes at low prices and please your customers with them.

Wholesale Summer Midi Dress Wholesale Maxi Kaftan Wholesale Dress/Tunic

4. Autumn collection

July means you can start searching for Autumn-Winter collection. Make ready your collection from now on. An incredibly profitable purchase during this period. Before the start of a new season, have time to grab nice items that you can use in your new collections!



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