Must haves of the perfect wardrobe for a summer vacation

Despite the cool weather in England, summer has been with us for a long time ! Almost a whole month has already passed, but many of your clients have yet to go to warm places. We will tell you about what to offer to your customers and how to make the right choice in a huge variety of wholesale products.


A light dress is a universal wardrobe element for a summer vacation. It is also suitable for going to a restaurant, as well as for the beach. Choose original models!

 Floral Midi dress Summer Midi dress for holidays

Co Ord Set

It is convenient to combine with high heels or flat shoes. Accordingly, this style is absolutely suitable for any life situations !

 Navy Oversize Loungewear set Khaki Loungewear Set for Summer


Choose tops in bright colours ! This will draw attention and make it stand out from the rest.

 Wholesale Summer Top 


And for sure, do not leave your customers without perfect Kaftan, that will be their best piece from Holiday wardrobe.

 Wholesale Kaftans 


Try to stick to light colours in the summer collection and add bright accents if necessary ! The fabric of the products should be preferably be natural.

We wish you a pleasant wholesale shopping !

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