How to wear a Maxi/Midi Skirt for achieving a Chic Look

Skirts, skirts, skirts ... This trend has been following us for several seasons.

Women love to wear Maxi and Midi skirts, they help us to create more elegant and feminine look.  Brands, in turn, started to create unique designs with stylish details, vibrant prints and unusual fabrics.

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1. One of the biggest skirts trend this fall is Faux Leather. Explosion London offers us a very interesting Leather Skirt Draped from front. This style is easy to combine with any shirt, blouse, basic T-shirt or oversized sweater. Buy Wholesale Women’s Clothing Online from Wholesale Supplier in London - JQ Wholesale.

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2. Leopard Print Skirt. This is a must have in every boutique as women adore leopard Maxi Midi skirts. They are very easy to assemble with a basic T-Shirt, top, or knitwear. Offer your customers to wear with high heels for elegant look or with sport shoes or ankle boots for trendy stylish look.


3. High-waisted skirt with sexy slit.  Offer your customers a very fashionable version of a leather skirt with a slit on the leg.  With this basic colour skirt will suit ablousutely any top. And the combination of contrasting fabrics as in the photo, will only add chic and style to your client.


4. Pleated skirts are timeless classics.  But we have an option that all your customers will surely like.  Unusual style of the pleated skirt combined with smooth fabric and massive buttons.  Ideal skirt for all occasions.

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 5. And finally, everyone's favorite trend is Silky Skirts.  At you will find incredible wrap midi silky skirts with a slit on the leg.  Gold goes well with black tops, basic T-shirts or any blouses. Can be worn with stilettos for elegant look or with massive ankle boots for trendy outfit.


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