Color Trends That Will Dominate This Spring

As we know, 2023 was rich in the brightest color trends: just remember this pink madness after the «Barbie» movie and the rush of red on all store shelves (red tights, hello). 2024 is already in full swing and what color trends it brings us, according to experts, will be discussed today in our blog.

An important detail for our wholesale customers: it may be inconvenient for many of your clients to dress in monochrome, and that is why we also include in our collection those styles in which trendy colors are partially present and are not monochrome. This will allow you to feel comfortable and at the same time stay on trend this spring.



 1. Royal Blue

In contrast to the cute pink color comes the opposite, aristocratic and sophisticated blue, which will become a fashionable addition to your wardrobe in 2024.


 2. Acid Colours

The fashion traditions of the 90s continue and this season we see them again at their peak - neon bright colors! While head-to-toe acid shades are only for the truly daring, they can also be a nice accent to your favorite wardrobe pieces, like your best denim jacket or little black dress.
Acid-bright colors often pair well with contrasting colors, enhancing their vibrancy, but they can also be balanced out with neutral tones such as black or white.

3. Orange/Peach Colours

Shades of orange can range from richer, brighter hues such as burnt orange and terracotta to blush peach hues. Bright and energetic orange, full of positivity, was not for nothing declared by Pantone as the color of 2024.

Orange pairs well with complementary colors such as warm blues, and turquoise and looks especially stunning with green shades. Of course, it can also be combined with neutral shades such as beige, cream, or brown.


 4. Animal Prints

Animal prints are back in fashion and we expect their popularity to only grow. It's easiest to try animal patterns on accessories but don't be afraid to try them on things like skirts, dresses, and pants.


 5. Neutral Beige

2024 can't be all color and have no neutrals, right? Check out the warm-toned cream shade - this shade is sure to be the perfect pairing with any outfit all year round!



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