3 September Must Haves In Your Basket

Is it already the end of September? Time flies by! Marketers are already launching advertising in preparation for Halloween and Christmas, and at the same time, many people are still checking the weather forecast in the hope of seeing favorite +20 degrees.

Don't worry - we have at least a couple of weeks to enjoy the last warm days and so for such moments we have made a selection of transitional options for comfortable looks that can also be used in colder temperatures.


In terms of popularity, knitwear can only compete with the floral print from the summer collection. It is rightfully considered the most versatile element of the fall wardrobe that everyone should have.


                              2. LONG SLEEVE MIDI DRESS 

Yes, we all know that autumn is a time for cozy gatherings under a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate, but we should not forget that even though autumn is not such a busy period in terms of weddings and parties, parties still take place. Therefore, it is important to have that dress in your wardrobe for a special occasion.


                                          3. JACKET

In terms of relevance, the jacket takes an honorable second place after knitwear in the autumn collection. Great for cooler weather to create layered outfits, and by choosing bright prints you can liven up a neutral look!




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