What To Sell In July?

Summer is in full swing! July is a month beloved by many - we are still far from the melancholy autumn season, which means it's time to enjoy the hot sun, preferably somewhere on the coast. From here you can draw conclusions about the preferences of your customers this month - stylish summer looks for leisurely walks along the coast, outfits for numerous weddings of friends, and picnics in city parks.

In this blog, we will explore the most trendy July outfits that will not leave your customers indifferent.

1. Jumpsuits
Many mistakenly think that jumpsuits are only for work or going out to a cafe and forget that this is an original outfit for a wedding! Wedding attire is not only dresses, preferably maxi length, and dark print. We will destroy your stereotypes! A summer wedding is an occasion for experimentation, and bold outfits with jumpsuits will not leave anyone indifferent.



2. Beachwear
As we have already said, July is the most popular month for holidays. If you're planning a beach or pool outing, consider buying beach cover-up dresses. Look for lightweight and quick-drying materials like chiffon or lace. Choose styles like kaftans, tunics, or loose-fitting dresses that can be easily thrown over your swimwear.



3.Summer Dresses
Look for lightweight and breezy dresses in various styles, such as maxi, midi, off-the-shoulder, or wrap dresses. Opt for vibrant colors, floral prints, or pastel shades that are popular during the summer.





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