Spring/Summer 2023 Colour Trends

A couple of months ago, based on an in-depth analysis of trends throughout the year, the Pantone Color Institute announced the main colors of 2023. The coming spring/summer season will be full of vibrant colors that would rival any artist's palette. From flashy oranges to vibrant purples, these are the color trends that experts say you'll be wearing.

Even if you've considered yourself a staunch minimalist for a long time, lately you've probably found that you can find something that's comfortable for you. “We combine escapism and the desire for extreme contrasts in mood and color with reality and everyday life. And we want there to be a lot of joy in it, ”says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.

An important detail is that the outfit you choose does not have to be completely in a certain trend color,  simply add the desired color as an accent by using accessories or in the form of bright spots in more discreet outfits.
 Stunning purple dresses, bright orange blazers, green kaftans and even more in our Spring Summer 2023 wholesale recommendations:


1.Fuchsia (Beetroot Purple)

A bright natural colour strikes with energy and attracts the eye. It combines elegance, boldness and, it seems, fuchsia is firmly seated in the list of trendy colours. Well, we already know how to wear fuchsia - as part of monochrome looks or in the form of bright spots in more restrained outfits.


2.Orange (Tangelo)

Orange has been with us since last year, but this time it is a bright and energetic orange, which is best worn with green and brown for contrasting looks, and blue, red, purple for brighter ones.


 3.Classic Green

There is a variety among trendy greens. Classic Green, intense green, reminiscent of spring joy and dense summer grass. A slightly muted shade easily fits into any look, from business to romantic.



If you do not like all these bright and flashy tones, there are also less saturated ones in the list of trendy colors of the season. For example, gentle lilac is warm, cozy and enveloping with its softness.


5.Blue Perennial

Blue Perennial is a bright blue. Calm and soothing. A good choice for those who want to demonstrate confidence and stability. For everyday wardrobe, bright blue is also a great choice.





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