10 Tips how to prepare you Boutique for Lifting?

Spring came, Sun is Shining and finally Lockdown is over! People got bored so much while stucked at home without no shopping! They all need breath of fresh air, they all need SHOPPING!

Help to sort people's problem, Offer them the best clothing that will help to make customer's mood up.

JQ Wholesale prepared for you some advises, that you can follow, to make your business ready.

Here are our 10 tips for you:

1. Buy your stock from now on. Don't miss the chance to get best styles for your store, as these days competition is very high, you can miss nice pieces, if you don't act now.

2. Start sending Newsletter from now on. Remind customers about yourself, they also miss you. Show them some of the featured products. 

3. Make Countdown reminders on your social media. Remind you customers, that there is nothing left till lifting, make them excited!

4. Offer bonuses and discounts. Sales always attract customers, make them happy!

5. Arrange a Victorine or Giveaway. Choose the winner between customers, who buys in first week after lifting.

6. Compliment Drinks! Offer Prosecco to every customer who visits your boutique. (Everyone likes to get a free drink;).

7. Spring decoration. Decorate your boutique with spring colours, give a sip of fresh air to your store. Merchandise your boutique well before re-opening.

8. Follow the seasonal bestsellers. Offer the most trendy styles, exclusive designs and popular colours of the season. JQ Wholesale will be happy to help you with that!

9. Give a 2nd life to Last Summer Stock. Many stores were not able to finish their stock previous summer due to lockdown. Give a second chance to this collection. Mix the styles with new arrivals, shoot them on new models.

10. Smile! Your mood and Positive is the best product that you can offer to your lovely customers!


Freedom! PUBs and Restaurants will be re-opened again! Offer the best clothing for casual drinks and dinner outdoors outfits. JQ Wholesale has some great options here:

 Wholesale dresses Wholesale dress in zebra print

Check more styles in "Dress" Collection.

Loungewear collection still in trend! People got used to comfort during last year. Life style has been changed for everyone. Offer chic and comfy Loungewear to your customers that are perfect for indoor and outdoor wearing.

 Wholesale summer loungewear set Beige Loungewear set for summer 3 in 1 Knitted Spring CO Ord set Loungewear Set

Check all the best  Loungewear sets, suitable for Spring-Summer season.

How about Jumpers? Spring is a perfect season for thin and chic Jumpers:

Spring Jumper Spring Cape Knitted T-shirt Heart print jumper

 Check more Spring Jumpers on JQ Wholesale.

Make your Boutique ready for Lifting with JQ Wholesale.

Your trustable wholesale supplier!

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